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Proclaima TV is a service designed to support Gospel Music artists and professionals looking to promote their video content and music.


You agree that you are aged 18 years or over and are the copyright and or trademark owner or have legal permission to use all music, images, and footage contained in every video you submit to Proclaima TV.

You also give us full use of any element of your video in perpetuity and without reserve on our web site and other web sites we create whether now or in the future, our YouTube channels, social media accounts and any TV, broadcasting, radio, or digital platforms we either currently use or operate on in the future. This includes the right to use any part of the information or content you have provided us with for the purpose of promoting your music and video or our brand.

You agree to indemnify us completely from any legal proceedings or remedies or financial claims including legal costs bought about by use of content and any information you have submitted to us.

We reserve the right to remove, delete or suspend your videos and content without any notice according to our discretion and without providing any refunds for paid services.

YouTube adverts run on videos on our channel, it is your responsibility to make sure you have agreements in place to collect any revenue due to you. This also applies to any other platforms we operate on now or in the future.

By checking the box agreeing to our terms of service and submission policy you agree that it is a legally binding agreement as if you had signed a written contract.

Proclaima TV retain the right to change or update this agreement at anytime without notice. The same applies to the Proclaima TV branding, web sites, social media accounts and/or any other platforms we operate on now or in the future.

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